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Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential part of any financial plan. We protect our homes, autos and businesses, but what is the impact if we don’t protect our lives, more importantly our families? There are many life insurance products that we can search out for you. Whether it be a term life policy, whole life, long term care or disability policy, let Basin Insurance of Post Falls sit down to see what policies will fit your needs. Being an independent life insurance agency in Idaho allows us to shop a variety of highly rated companies.


We know that your life changes. Your needs therefore change. There is not a one size fits policy. If you have not looked at your existing policy recently this may be the best opportunity for Basin Insurance of Post Falls to take a look for you. Our philosophy is to take the time to make sure we are setting up a policy that is adaptable to your life. Here are some of the different life insurance coverage's Basin Insurance of Post Falls can help you with:

Term Life Policy:

A life policy which pays upon death (death benefit) and is designated for a specific period of time (also known as a temporary policy).

Whole Life :

A life policy that provides a death benefit, a cash value account and can provide coverage for your entire life (also known as a permanent policy).

Long Term Care:

Insurance that helps individuals pay the expenses associated with custodial care for individuals who outlive their ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). Long term care may cover costs associated with Home Health Care, Assisted Living Facility Care, Nursing Facility Care and Hospice Care.

Disability Income Policy:

Provides insurance to protect an individual or business from the financial hardship that can result from a sickness or injury by replacing the income lost when the insured is totally disabled and thus unable to work.


Getting life insurance is affordable and it is easy to do. Whether you’re a single mother looking to leave a monthly benefit to care for your children’s needs or a smoker who would like to have living benefits, we will make it easy for you. By answering these standard questions in the form located on the right hand side of the screen, Basin Insurance of Post Falls will guide you through the process and start a conversation with you about protecting your family.



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